Overcoming the Opposition

They’re stalking us! They’re obsessed. They hate, lie, mock, blaspheme. And they troll.

As I write this, these people have put Answers in Genesis, the Ark Encounter, and the Creation Museum (and a guy named Ken Ham!) in the national news once again.

So, who are they? This time the group putting us in the news is the Freedom from Religion Foundation. They’re back to their old tricks. (More about this anti-Christian group later.)

We made the headlines on various news websites. Even an Associated Press article was syndicated about AiG and the FFRF. It appeared in news outlets across the nation (and the world).

Fox and Friends TV commentators talked about it on a live program. It’s also been a lead story on the Fox News website and on various social media platforms that have featured blogs, tweets, and other posts about the FFRF’s latest attack on AiG. I’ve been interviewed for a number of live and recorded radio programs discussing the issue.

Now this media attention has happened many times before for AiG—and no doubt it will happen again—because these stalkers just can’t help themselves. Their reasons go deep—really deep. But God has used this latest issue for good over and over again.

To me, this attack is all part of reminding us of how important the ministry of AiG is as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of when we moved to Kentucky in 1994 to form the ministry and eventually build the Creation Museum. I’ve said it before, and I think often of the person who said to me, “When you stand on the devil’s toes, he reacts. You guys must be kicking him in the shins!”

The stalking by secularists really began in earnest in 1996 when we announced AiG was rezoning land to build a Creation Museum. A local atheist group went berserk. How dare we build such a place! Suddenly, without any effort on our part, we were thrust into the media spotlight.

One of the arguments an atheist attorney used against us at a public rezoning meeting was that building such a museum was against the so-called “separation of church and state.” OK, let me get this straight: we were building a Creation Museum on private property with private funds (from our supporters), but that was somehow against the law and the Constitution?

Now because of the opposition stirred up by this small group of atheists, local officials ruled against our rezoning, and we had to find a different piece of property. But God was in control. We ended up with a far superior piece of property that was right off Interstate 275, where the Creation Museum is located today.

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