Are You a Good Person?

There are a lot of important questions to ask yourself in life, but none more than if you’re a good person, and then…if you’re “good enough” to get into Heaven. Follow Joe Average on his journey.

Is the New Testament Reliable?

Is today’s new testament the same as the original that was written two-thousand years ago, or has the original been hopelessly lost? After all, not one of the original manuscripts still exists. If we can’t trust the New Testament, then we can’t trust what we think we know about Jesus of Nazareth.

Historian Vs Atheist: Is Jesus A Knock-Off Of Pagan Gods?

Historian and New Testament expert Gary Habermas, Ph.D., debates a Skeptic Magazine editor on the resurrection of Jesus and the idea that his story was copied from pagan gods. This debate took place on Lee Strobel’s show called “Faith under Fire” which aired in 2005.