Bewijs voor de betrouwbaarheid van het Nieuwe Testament

(1) The New Testament  Has Been Faithfully Transmitted

(a) Ancient Sources Confirm the Early New Testament Canon

  • i. Clement of Rome (c. A.D. 95)
  • ii. Ignatius of Antioch (c. A.D. 115)
  • iii. Polycarp, a disciple of John (c. A.D. 108)

(b) It Was Recognized in Geographically Independent Areas

  • i. lrenaeus (in Asia Minor)
  • ii. Origen (in Alexandria, Egypt)
  • iii. Hippolytus (in Rome)
  • iv. Eusebius (in Caesarea, Palestine)
  • v. Athanasius (in Alexandria, Egypt)

(c) The Informational Content of the New Testament is Reflected in the Writings of the Students of the Apostolic Eyewitnesses
(d) The New Testament Documents are Larger in Number and Closer in Proximity to the Events than ANY Other Ancient Record

(2) The New Testament Has Been Verified with Archeology

(a) The Gospels and Writings Have Been Verified By Archeology

  • i. The Census – by the Quirinius Inscription
  • ii. Lysanias – by the Damascus Inscription
  • iii. “The Pavement” – by the Tower of Antonia
  • iv. Pontius Pilate – by the Pontus Pilate Rock
  • v. Crucifixion – by remains of Yohanan Ben Ha’galgol
  • vi. The lconium – by the William Ramsay monument
  • vii. “Politarch” – by Thessalonican Inscriptions
  • viii. Sergius Paulus – by the Sergius Paulus Inscription
  • ix. Gallio – by the Delphi Inscriptions

(b) The Gospel of Luke Includes True Accounts of Roman Culture

  • i. A correct description of ways to gain Roman citizenship
  • ii. An accurate explanation of provincial penal procedure
  • iii. A true depiction of invoking one’s roman citizenship
  • iv. A true description of being in Roman custody

(3) The New Testament Has Been Confirmed by Prophecy

(a) The New Testament Contains Accurate Predictions From Jesus

  • i. That Peter Would Deny Him Three Times
  • ii. That Jerusalem and the Temple Would Be Destroyed
  • iii. That the Church Would Survive and Grow
  • iv. That the Gospel Would Be Preached to the World
  • v. That His Words Would Never Be Forgotten

(b) The New Testament Contains Accurate Predictions Fulfilled by Jesus Himself

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